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Property Audit
Keeping Account of Your Property
Working closely with owners and occupiers, Granby Martin views commercial property not just as an asset on the balance sheet but as a contributing factor to operational overhead reduction or profit contribution. We can carry out full and detailed assessments of property assets by way of an audit. The audit will enable a business to set long term targets and measure the performance of how the property contributes to the company's profit and loss account. It will also reveal any hidden values and potential liabilities.

Following an audit and acting in effect as your 'in house' property resource, we can prepare a programme of planned maintenance and appoint specialists as required whether architects, building surveyors, engineers or space planners and will oversee all activities. In this way you can concentrate on running your business, whilst we take care of your property.

An audit would include:-

  • Health and safety compliance
  • Property evaluation and related savings
  • Space management
  • Building maintenance
  • Housekeeping and caretaking
  • Review of gas, electricity, water and telephone utilities

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